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Welcome to WeFarm: the internet for people without the internet.

WeFarm enables farmers in rural communities around the developing world to offer each other vital agricultural knowledge and support without needing the internet. Through our unique peer-to-peer service, farmers can access and share answers, advice and innovative ideas in their own language to improve their livelihoods and transform their communities.

For example: A farmer in Uganda discovers a parasite destroying her crops due to recent climate change. No one in her village has seen it before. Through WeFarm she can ask advice with a simple SMS message, and receive advice from a farmer in Mexico who has had to deal with this parasite for years. However, this connection cannot happen without translators like you to make the information available in her own language.

By committing to translating just 5 questions or answers a day from wherever you are in world, you will be part of a community engaging in a vital project to change lives.