Join WeFarm

WeFarm is a free service where members can ask questions and share farming tips and advice by using this online platform or by sending a simple, local cost SMS message. WeFarm uses the internet, and our unique peer translation system, to share knowledge via SMS with other WeFarm members around the world. To learn more about WeFarm and how you can get involved, visit


Why farmers?

As a farmer you can ask questions to other farmers around the world, recieve answers, or share knowledge in the form of tips with nothing more than your basic mobile phone.

Why Co-op staff members?

As Co-op staff members, you understand the problems faced by your community and can use WeFarm as a rich resource to help farmers in their local co-ops.

Why Translators?

Our farmers speak many different languages, and often use local idioms like 'shamba' for 'farm' in Kenya, and often have variations in spelling.