Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeFarm?

WeFarm is ‘The internet for people with no internet’ – a pioneering social enterprise peer to peer knowledge sharing platform for small-scale farmers in rural communities in Africa and Latin America. WeFarm provides a platform to ask questions addressing anything from farming techniques to business ideas that can improve their lives. Access to relevant, useful information is one of the biggest challenge facing the 500 million small-scale farmers around the world. With WeFarm they can receive useful, peer-sourced answers from anywhere in the world, with the help of our team of volunteer translators, before being sent to other farmers all over the world, and its all available through any device, anywhere, even the most basic mobile phone.

Why does WeFarm need translation volunteers?

Volunteers are vital to make the whole wefarm platform work and to ensure users can receive useful information from anywhere in the world, and not just their local area. For example, a coffee farmer in Uganda may be suffering from a crop disease that has arrived through climate change, which coffee farmers in Peru have been dealing with for many years. Every question and answer will be sent to farmers all over the world, who speak a range of languages and so we need to translate them into multiple languages to make this wealth of valuable information available to anyone, anywhere.

Why not use Google translate?

Any of our farmers use shorthand languages (i.e. u instead of you) and use local vocabulary that automatic translation services would have some challenges translating. We also really value large scale participation in our system and volunteers are a big part of that. We want to harness the power of the crowd and value peer to peer knowledge sharing, weather thats between farmers or our volunteers translating it.

How will I be helping small-scale farmers in developing countries?

A farmer in Africa may have valuable tips to share with a farmer in Latin America, but without our translation volunteers there would be no way for that to happen. This project is all about being sustainable and supporting farmers to share the huge range of knowledge they already have. Translators are essential in that process by helping the platform to break down even language barriers, and improve their lives.

What is micro volunteering?

Micro volunteering is the same as any other volunteering, you give a period of time to do something for someone else. With micro volunteering that task may only take 10 minutes, or even 2 minutes. This means you can fit it around other things in your day, and still give your time as a volunteer.

“Micro-volunteering is bite-size volunteering with no commitment to repeat and with minimum formality, involving short and specific actions that are quick to start and complete”

What do I have to do?

At WeFarm we have a very specific task for our volunteers: Translation! By spending a few minutes every day (perhaps on the bus on the way to college or work...) you can play a vital role in helping us share information and knowledge around the world. To begin with we will be working in Spanish, English and Swahili, moving on very soon to a range of other languages such as French and Haitian Creole!

We hope you will find it fun and rewarding. Your unique ‘My Actions’ translator page will track the number of translations you have made, and number of farmers you have helped. When you translate a message on the platform, a few minutes later a real farmer, somewhere in the world, will receive a piece of useful information!

How much time do I need to commit?

That is totally up to you. Each translation shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. We do ask that you try to complete around 15 translations per week or around 30 minutes, but we understand some some weeks this might be less and some week this might be more.

You can log-in to the your ‘My Actions’ page on WeFarm from your laptop, smart-phone or tablet - so your morning commute or tea break might be a perfect time to spend 5 minutes supporting small-scale farmers improve their lives.

Do I get a certificate?

If you need a certificate we can provide you one by email. Please email

Do you offer in-person volunteering?

No, at the moment the only opportunities we offer for volunteering are virtual ones. However if you feel you have other skills you could help us with, please feel free to get in touch on

What are the criteria for volunteering?

Translations made on WeFarm are sent to real farmers around the world, so you must have abilities in a language we use on the system, currently Spanish, Swahili and English.

What level do I need to be in a language to translate?

You need to have a good enough understanding of the language to be able to translate a sentence such as this one into the language you would like to translate. The messages you translate on WeFarm will be sent to real people, so we need to be confident that they have a good level of accuracy.

What does the translation test involved?

The translation test is multiple choice. You will be provided with a piece of text in your first language, and 4 possible options for the most accurate translation. Each of the 4 possible answers is weighted according to how accurate a translation it is

I don’t speak another language, can I still get involved?

At the moment all our opportunities are for translators but if you interested in getting involved please sign up to our newsletter HERE where we will keep everyone updated of any other opportunities. Or,if you have a specific skill you think you could help us with please feel free to get in touch at

Can I be paid for translations?

No, all our translations are done on a voluntary basis and so no payment will be made for translations.

I need a volunteering reference, can you provide this?

Due to the nature and scale of our volunteer activities, we are unable to provide references, however if you email us at we can provide you with a certificate.

I failed the language test, can I resit it?

You can do the translation test twice.

Can I put translation volunteering on my CV?

Yes! Volunteering is an excellent addition to any CV, particularly a skills based one such as this. (Please note: while we encourage you to put volunteering activities on your CV we cannot provide references for volunteers)

I want to meet the farmers, do you offer international volunteering?

No, because our platform is online and all our volunteer opportunities are based online we do not offer international volunteering opportunities.

Is there an App I can download too my phone?

WeFarm is responsively designed to work on any device and so a separate app is not needed to translate from your phone or tablet. However, can pin the WeFarm page to your home screen to act in a similar way to an app.

There is some language I don’t understand in the test. Does this mean I can’t be a translator?

We understand that there may be occasional typos, phrases or regional words that you do not understand, however this certainly does not mean that you can not be a volunteer, or even translate that message! Please just be as accurate as you can be. . To help you with this you can find a glossary in the Volunteer Handbook which highlights some of the more complex terms.

There is a problem with the system, how do i report it?

If you find a problem with the system or have a suggestion please email

I can no longer volunteer, how do I remove myself from the system?

If you would like to remove yourself from our system please email us at